Weak leadership

Anthony Albanese has never held a financial portfolio.

He’s never held a national security portfolio.

He’s never delivered a budget.

Albanese is the most left-wing leader of the Labor Party in living memory.

On major policy issues – like border security, taxes, mining and energy – he flip-flops.

Mr Albanese even flip-flopped on the one policy idea he had to deal with COVID-19 – paying people $300 to get vaccinated.

During the campaign, Mr Albanese has shown he’s not up to the job and doesn’t get the economy – stumbling on basic economic details like the unemployment rate and the cash rate.

Mr Albanese has demonstrated he does not understand how to protect our borders. 

Albanese would be too weak to stand up to the Greens or unions.

A hung parliament with Albanese as Prime Minister, dragged by a patchwork of Independents and the Greens, would be a recipe for a weak economy and chaos.

In uncertain times, Australia can’t risk Labor.

A clear choice

Labor government

Our Government

(Sept 13)
(Mar 22)
(Sep 13)
Youth Unemployment (15-24)
(Mar 22)
(June 13)
Welfare Dependency
(June 21)
Income tax on $90,000 Income
Small Business Tax Rate
(Dec 07 to Sept 13)
Electricity Price Increase
(Average Annual)*
(Sep 13 to Dec 21)
*Australia-wide figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

In uncertain times,
Australia can't risk Labor