Deals with the Greens
“We are only a few hundred votes away from kicking Scott Morrison out and putting the Greens in balance of power.”

(Adam Bandt, Greens Media Release, 15/09/21)

Anthony Albanese is too weak to stand up to the Greens, to the unions, or for Australia’s national interest.

In 2010, when Albanese was a key member of Labor’s leadership team, Labor struck a power sharing agreement to form government with the Greens.

Labor is positioning for another deal with the Greens in the event of a hung parliament.

Labor would also be relying on the Greens' support in the Senate.

That means the Greens will push Labor to adopt their policies, which include:

  • New taxes – on housing, incomes, energy, family businesses and inheritances
  • Halving the Defence budget
  • Scrapping the AUKUS agreement
  • Closing joint military facilities
  • Adopting a 700% renewable energy target
  • Abolishing the private health insurance rebate
  • Abolish Australia's successful border protection regime

(Sources: The Greens Policy Platform, Media Release, 2/4/20, Media Release, 27/3/21)

A clear choice

Labor government

Our Government

(Sept 13)
(Mar 22)
(Sep 13)
Youth Unemployment (15-24)
(Mar 22)
(June 13)
Welfare Dependency
(June 21)
Income tax on $90,000 Income
Small Business Tax Rate
(Dec 07 to Sept 13)
Electricity Price Increase
(Average Annual)*
(Sep 13 to Dec 21)
*Australia-wide figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

In uncertain times,
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