A left-wing warrior?
"I think that, in general, the general free-market approach to economic policy decision-making needs to be turned around and I think that the parliamentary Left have a role in changing that.”

(Source: Proposed privatisation of Commonwealth Bank, ABC PM, 06/20/95)

As a party activist Mr Albanese railed against the Hawke-Keating government, saying the Hawke government had “absolute contempt for working-class people”. (SMH, 19/09/87)

As Young Labor president, Albanes­e often trashed Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. He repeatedly­ said they were out of touch:

“Someone like Keating can put himself up as a possible Labor PM, but he is more comfortable mixing with millionaires and business executives than he is with working-class people,” Albanese thundered in one of many tirades.

(Source: The Australian, 28/05/19)

As Assistant Secretary of the NSW ALP, Albanese led a push at the ALP National Conference for an inheritance tax, suggesting it was not a "left-wing, terribly socialist radical proposal". (SMH, 26/6/91)

As a Shadow Minister, Mr Albanese supported the introduction of a wealth tax:

Moving support for consideration of Buffet Rule for minimum tax payable in @AustralianLabor Conference economic debate #ALPConf2015

(Source: Albanese, Twitter, 23/07/15)

He supported the introduction of congestion taxes in our cities:

Labor's infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese says London's congestion tax works so Melbourne could follow suit - but only if new public transport is built.

(Source: Congestion tax works in London: Albanese, SBS, 05/10/16)

Albanese has parroted anti-Israel views:

“While many Israelis continue to demonise all Palestinians as terrorists, Palestinians experience Israelis as occupiers and employers of cheap labour, interrogators and jailers. Meanwhile, the government of Israel continues to allow fundamentalists to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land..."

(Source: Albanese, Hansard, 16/09/02)

Working against the Keating Government's policy, Albanese opposed the privatisation of Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank:

The decision to sell the airlines without consultation with the party was “an abrogation of the proper party processes".

(Source: SMH, 08/06/92)
“Well, I think that that's why it's necessary, when something like the Commonwealth Bank is privatised, it is necessary for the Left to come out publicly and oppose it because it is simply an inappropriate decision out of touch with Labor's rank and file. And I think that there's a need for the Left to take a very vocal opposition to decisions such as that.

(Source: ABC PM, 20/6/95)

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